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Upgrade your home security


Increase your home protection with the tap of your finger. Even for just a month. Our Add-ons provide you with back-up and access to first responders.

When there is no WiFi

BuddySIM has got you covered. The moment your WiFi is down, the embedded 4G LTE SIM card will connect to any available mobile network.

€5 per month
Currently in development

For dispatching first responders

In case of an intrusion, FLARE live-streams all audio and video to our monitoring center. The police will be on their way as fast as they can.

€15 per month
Currently in development

Get call in case of an intrusion

Receive a call and text (SMS) message when something is going on at home, wherever in the world you are.

€5 per month
Currently in development

For extra storage space

Save your Events for up to 10GB in cloud storage space and 90 days of data retention.

€5 per month
Currently in development